Architectural Sheet Metal

Our architectural sheet metal division offers complete in-house fabrication and prefabrication services that help us meet precise specifications and fast-track schedules.

We operate a 70,000-square-foot fabrication facility, where our experts can quickly convert contract drawings into project-ready shop fabrication and field construction designs. Our just-in-time delivery service helps reduce jobsite clutter, improve safety, and ensure projects are on time and on budget.

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From roofing to siding to flashings and more, our specialists work in multiple facets of sheet metal and are ready to meet some of the industry’s most exacting standards of quality. Our experienced team has the ability to work with a variety of materials, including stainless steel, copper, black iron, and more, giving you a range of options to help meet your project’s full potential.

Our Services: 

  • Custom metal roofing, including zinc and copper roofs
  • Equipment roof screens
  • Standing seam roof systems
  • Expansion joints
  • Louvers
  • Column covers
  • Architectural flashings
  • Metal sidings
  • Custom in-house fabrication

Certified Installers:

  • AEP Span
  • Fabral 
  • Berridge Manufacturing
  • Centria 
  • MeTecno USA